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Jared Vaughn




…that everyone has a story to tell, and that story should be told by any means necessary. giving our best, and that hard work can make any dream a reality.

...that the future is whatever you make it!

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"Shoshanna Aaliyah is a naturally gifted writer with a beautiful heart. Her first story, Tobias' Travels, is a delightful tale all ages will enjoy. Her storytelling style is charming and refreshing with a cleverness that only gets better with multiple readings. She uses a smart, nuanced story structure with solid character development, vivid imagery, and emotional depth that transcends typical children's stories. Highly impressive debut, especially for someone so young. Shoshanna is a bright new star." --Jared


"Nailed it! Perfect! Absolutely amazing! This book is hands down the best book I have ever read! If you are looking for a story to keep you on your toes, this is the one!" --Kaisha


"If you love someone, anything is possible... Jared writes about a love that some only see and get to experience once in a lifetime. Take it one step at a time and enjoy the ride. It never stops, because once you're done reading, you think about what is coming up in the next book. Buy this book and enjoy it many times. Talk about it in book club and share with friends or buy one for them. It would make a great gift. If you love someone, anything is possible!" --Justina


"The Longest Time is a captivating story that you will not want to put down. Brilliantly woven together!" --Cassie


"This is a beautiful tale of friendship, love, and growing... A powerful story that jumps into your heart and leaves you wanting more." --Kelly


"Jared weaves you through a timeless love story of innocent love that we all remember. He has captured that moment of innocence in a beautifully written encounter between two people. You will cheer with our hero Charlie. You will laugh, cry, hope and rejoice. No matter what age you are, this story will touch on memories and heartstrings. Highly recommended and worth the read."  --Karen


Jared Vaughn

Jared Vaughn is the author of the acclaimed novel The Longest Time. It's a nostalgic story about a unique boy named Charlie, whose love for his childhood friend Lisa leads him to fulfill a heroic purpose. Readers of all ages have unanimously agreed that they "can't put it down," and are eagerly awaiting the sequel, Another Time. He loves to encourage dreamers in his writing workshops and panels at comic cons and libraries, with a special emphasis on the youth. Jared's vision extends beyond The Longest Time series with his company, Time Honored Productions. Several exciting releases from Time Honored will debut in the coming year. The most recent is Free Time Tales, which is a collection of short stories by new writers, featuring a new story from Jared called Invisible Touch. Also featured in Free Time Tales is a young lady with her own book on the way. Cleverly written by Shoshanna Aaliyah and beautifully illustrated by Ray Gordon, Tobias' Travels is a delightful story for all ages about a little robin who goes a long way. Tobias' Travels has the distinction of being the first book in history written and illustrated by two teenagers! But, that's not all-- a coloring book version will be available as well. In addition to his writing and publishing, Jared is known for his cosplay. He has appeared at many conventions as Marty McFly beginning on Back to the Future Day, October 21st, 2015. He's quick to make you laugh with his impressions and costumes from all three films, often accompanied by Doc Brown. His cosplay has also included Clark Kent, Neo, Inigo Montoya, George McFly, Ernest P. Worrell, the highly original Mario McFly, and many more still to come. Whether he's riding a hoverboard or writing a story, Jared Vaughn is always looking for new ways to express his creativity and spread the Power of Love. He encourages you to take Doc's advice--"The future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one."

Shoshanna Aaliyah

Shoshanna Aaliyah is the multi-talented teenage author of the children's book Tobias' Travels. Drawing from the real-life experience of raising a robin as a pet and releasing it back into the wild, her story imagines the rest of his journey as Tobias makes the long flight from Kansas to Texas. Shoshanna cleverly writes from the perspective of a bird who is discovering many things for the first time. His adventures subtly teach kids the importance of determination, friendship, and growing up. Readers of all ages will be delighted by Shoshanna's charming style of story-telling as well as the beautiful illustrations by Ray Gordon. Tobias' Travels has the distinction of being the first book in history written and illustrated by two teenagers! A coloring book will also be available with even more artwork. Shoshanna is also the author of the short story In the Shadow of a Man of Kansas, which was included in the short story collection Free Time Tales, also published by Time Honored Productions. As a cosplayer, she has appeared as Batgirl, Jennifer Parker from Back to the Future, and the original, award-winning Princess Bride mash-up the Dread Pirate Buttercup. Always exploring her talents, Shoshanna has impressed audiences with knockout performances as an actress and singer, and competes nationally in archery. Hard-working, responsible, kind, humble, and infectiously fun, Shoshanna Aaliyah is a shining example for young people. Her future is exceptionally bright with endless possibilities.

Shaun Fogg

Shaun Fogg is the author of the children's book The Lost, Scared Little Dragon, releasing in 2019. It follows the story of a little dragon whose curiosity leads her too far from home, and the mother who sets out to rescue her. Kids will enjoy the playful spirit of the story and its easygoing style. Shaun's professional work as a printer has made him the in-demand source for a wide variety of corporations. Clients appreciate his efficiency, attention to detail, and desire for customer satisfaction. Not only does he handle Time Honored's business cards, bookmarks, flyers, and other promotional materials, he will be the printer of the company's books. From upcoming titles to rereleases of The Longest Time and Free Time Tales, keeping production "in-house" will minimize costs and maximize potential for more projects. Shaun's other talents include a recent stage debut in the Family Community Theatre's production of Treasure Island, and fun cosplays of Doc Brown, Homer Simpson, Mr. Bean, and Fezzik from The Princess Bride. As quick with a joke as he is with a helping hand, Shaun Fogg is a versatile and indispensable team member as both a supporting player and a creative force in his own right.    


Harley Dawn is an artist with a wide variety of experience. She has worked in everything from ink and charcoal to pastels and airbrushing, leaving her distinctive artistic flair in every piece. Her most recent work is in glass etching, adding characters such as Harley Quinn, Batman, and Aquaman to colored glass, making a truly unique and beautiful piece that must be seen. Always thinking outside the box, Harley Dawn is an artist whose talent is expressed without limits. 



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